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Fetish Fem Danica Is Just Kinky

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

Danica Collins nude and sexyDanica Collins has been around for a while now, starting as far back as a “page 3″ girl in England under her real name, Donna Ambrose, almost thirty years ago.

Collins covers a range of niches – from MILF or cougar to big boobs, BDSM, ebony and stockings fetish – she is hot in all of those. Why is her site called “Just Danica”? Well, it’s to make sure we understand that she’s not doing what she’s known for in other venues – which is raunchy hardcore porn twosomes and threesomes.

You could say she’s the Pam Grier of Porn, in that Collins is one of the few models out there who can be seen in both “vintage erotica” and her own modern porn persona.

And although she’s considered “Britain’s favourite mature model” you’d have a hard time telling her apart from her naughty “young” self – except maybe for the hairdos…

Speaking of which Danica trims her pussy for elegance, but still maintains her bush – so you can add hirsute to the list of micro fetishes to which she belongs.

Get to know some of her early work in Donna Ambrose  movies like The Breast of Britain and Tit to Tit, drool over her collection of pictures and videos at or  get into some of her naughtier stuff at

Sooner or later the path will lead to the more personal experience between you and

Behold: More Pale Nipples

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Evelyn Lory's Pale NipplesWhen we first reported this odd affectation, nipples paler than the boobs seemed to be just a one-girl thing… but it seems not.

In fact it seems to either be a trend or just a genetic thing – depending on the model.

Some girls look like they tan with pasties on, so their nipple stays pink or even the same color as their skin, whilst the rim around the areola seems to darken and create an odd, crisp impression – like a photo negative.

Others, though, appear to have naturally pale nipples – or, at least, the “tan line” is just not so visible, more subtle, but still with a dark rim around the whole nipple.

We’ve collected a selection of pale nippled babes here just as a for-example – but there are many more out there, and it seems to be a growing trend, or fashion.

But is it a turn on? A fetish or kink or niche? Are you out there, searching for “chicks with pale nipples” or some such key word combo?

Only you can tell us. Leave your comments and contribute to this growing… interest.

Beautiful Naked Peeing Babes

Friday, January 29th, 2010

What is it about watching women pee that’s such a turn on?

Squatting in nature, standing in a parking lot, or simply sitting on the porcelain throne, it seems many have a gasp-factor kink reaction when they see the babe – hot or not – going wee-wee.

We’re not talking about peeing on a partner or being peed upon or drinking pee, here, no, but just the sight of a chick taking a whiz, standing or squatting or sitting.

And while you might think anyone so sexually aroused by pee would probably one day move into the realm of Urophagia, which is more or less the fetish of drinking it,  or Urolagnia, aka watersports or golden showers, there does seem to be a voyeur-only micro-niche.

With hardcore sites like (“drown yourself in an orgy of piss”) and, that feature lesbian and boy-girl piss-play, you wouldn’t think there’d be any need for and, which focus only on what could arguably be called Urophilia, or watching and peeping on sexually arousing girls peeing.

But you’d be wrong.

Not surprisingly, the Japanese have very specific sub-micro-mini-niche definitions for the various pee fetishes – omorashi, for example refers to what here in western culture is called bladder desperation, wetting your pants or panties, often in public (omorashi yagai, in this case). And, of course, much of it can be found in anime and manga works.

But that’s another ballgame. The pee fetish can usually be said to start with the voyeur thing… so dive in, and see what you come up with.

Welcome to Kinky Fetish Camp Ursula

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Whenever we’re going through a dry spell here and can’t come up with a new or captivating fetish idea, we head down to

From wild to mild, Camp Ursula features a wide range of fetishes and kinks to satisfy the truly adventurous or curious sex explorer.

A very wide range. One doesn’t know where to start. Submission, domination, fem-dom, foot-jobs, gangbangs, group sex, guys getting it with a strap-on from girls, from guys, even celebrity galleries with, for example, Erica Campbell bound and gagged.

This is serious stuff.

One of the coolest features is the search function so you can list up only those kinky things that turn you on.

This used to be our little secret but hey it was a real dry spell lately looking for something truly new, so… head on over to this wildly varied fetish “Camp” and enjoy…

And, no, there is no actual Ursula except for the logo toon chick – it’s just a cool, BDSM-sounding name.

Hog Tied and Fancy Free

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Jada Fire surrenders completely to being hogtied.Hogtied babes seem to be on top of the list of bondage themes lately.

Hog-tying someone is when they’re face-down, tied with their arms and legs behind them, joined together even… much like you’d imagine it is, really.

And the gang at really play hard at it – not just roping up their beautiful women and leaving them to hang, but ball-gagging, electro-stimulating, flogging and titty-torturing them until they finally reach their climaxes.

And don’t kid yourselves, these women submit themselves willingly, and not in spite of the pain but because of the pain. As well as the abandon: helpless and at the mercy of their master, they’re pushed to the limits of endurance and orgasm.

Being a BDSM site, is also very high-quality, a marvel to look at sometimes, with a great dungeon, lots of neat devices (like the rack), and the heated, gleaming skins of women in awkward, even abstractly odd positions.

Big-boobed hog-tied women are better than smaller boobs, because of the way the mammaries… bulge through the ropes, and the various things that can be done to and with all that extra breast flesh…

So along with die-hard, busty red-head bondage model Mz Berlin, Hogtied also features some pretty well known babes like Jessica Bangkok under the clamps and Jada Fire on the rack.

But to hogtie fans the ultimate form of submission ecstasy is suspension, or hogtied and hung up from the ceiling.

Hardcore enthusiasts will understand; the neophytes among you are free to discover the infinite degrees and variations of pain and submission to be found within the ropes.

Peace and fun.

Met-Art Julianna: Pale Nipples On Dark Boobs

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

Unique dark skinned, pale-nippled JualiannaHere’s an uncommon and sorta-kink thing that’s very interesting, like many potentially ‘fetishable’ things.

Julianna A from here has really pale nipples on dark boobs. Really.

With her silvery-blonde hair and tanned skin, the contrast is truly stunning.

It’s actually quite… arousing, at least in an informal poll taken around here at The Hot Live Sexy Naked Blog.

A quick search along the usual channels has brought up no further evidence of other work from her.

However, unless her aliases have truly proved to be dissimulating, Julianna is Met-Art “introducing” a new “MetModel”. So she’s a first-time babe.

But we’d truly like to learn more about this unusual physical feature…

  • Is Julianna’s skin naturally toned that dark?
  • Is she tanned?
  • Are her nipples virtually invisible when she’s not?
  • What are the darker regions around her aureolae?

These and other probing inquiries have proven controversial and caused silly debates.

We’ll keep y’all posted and hope for some resourceful reader of this blog to post any helpful comments (or unhelpful comments for that matter) down below.

Enjoy the gallery, meanwhile…

Best Witches: Happy Halloween and Got Lesbians

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Scar13 gets spanked by a witch on Halloween.Ok how’s this for a great big Halloween fetish mish mash?

Scar13 is a Goth Slut who loves Halloween so she sets herself up with a bunch a big round lollipops and a big-boob witchy goth partner and they run amuck.

Scar gets her awesome ass spanked so hard the lollipops break and her butt cheeks blaze bright red. And she smiles…

We won’t examine any of these fascinating kinks here, just lesbian cosplay spanking BDSM Halloween goth babes to wish you a wonderful, witchy Halloween and Sweet Samhain (you Wiccans will grok).

Check out more of Scar13 at her site, and check out our own wicked Scar13 gallery.
Make it scary!